What Are Biofuels?


Biofuels are fuels made from biomass. Biofuels could cover terms such as solid biomass, liquid fuels and some biogases. Biofuels are gaining popularity with the public due to a couple of certain factors. One of the main factors being the rise of oil prices driving the price of gas up. the other factors includes issues over greenhouse gas. With our fossil fuels being used up at a massive rate they will not last forever. we will take a look at a couple types of biofuel.

Bioethanol is made from the sugar components of plants. this biofuel is mostly made from sugar and starch crops. Crops like sugarcane and corn. With the advance of technology biomass is made from trees and grasses. Ethanol can be used as a fuel in it’s full form. It is usually used as and additive to gasoline to help performance and control emissions. Bioethanol is used widely in the United States.

Biodiesel is vegetable oil and recycled grease. Biodiesel can also be used in it’s full form also. It also is commonly used as and additive to diesel. This helps to reduce the levels of carbon dioxide and hydro carbons from diesel powered vehicles. At Northshore Technical College campus in Bogalusa, La. where autocad and construction classes are taught, the diesel mechanic department is currently experimenting with a diesel truck using recycled grease from a local restaurant. One funny thing about this vehicle it smells like fried chicken when it is running.

There are pros and cons when it comes to any kind of technology. Let us take at some pros and cons when it comes to biofuel:

It will definitely help to keep our environment clean by lowering emissions.
It will reduce our dependent on fossil fuels that cannot be replaced. Look at the great amount of this non-renewable resource that we are quickly depleting away.
It will help also help our air to be cleaner.
Help reduce the rising price of oil.
Help us not to be so dependent on foreign oil.

Studies have shown that it takes about as much energy to produce as the process produces. In other words you get out the same energy as it takes to produce biofuels so we really aren’t saving much here.

The more the resources such as wheat and rice and corn are used it will drive up the prices of food. To produce 5% biofuel it takes uses as much as 50% of that particular crop. That is a huge amount to pay for the amount of return you get.

Just like any other step we take to try to conserve and make our world a better place and cleaner place to live there will always be a challenge before us. Eventually we will have to turn to renewable resources whatever the cost may be because one day the non-renewable resources will be gone. I am well behind the study of biofuels to help make it in a more feasible manner so that everyone can benefit.