Lao Network for Agroforestry Education (LaoNAFE)

The Lao Network for Agroforestry Education (LaoNAFE) was formally organized in 1998.  It is responsible in linking agricultural and forestry educational institutions and other relevant organizations in Laos to manage the agroforestry education sector in the country.  The network currently has nine member-institutions, namely: Faculty of Forestry and Faculty of Agriculture of the National University of Laos,  Souphanouvong University, Champasack University, Dongkhamxang Technical School, Louang Prabang Agriculture and Forestry School, Champasack Agriculture and Forestry School, Sepone Agroforestry Training Center and Bolikhamxay Agriculture and Forestry School.

LaoNAFE’s vision is to become the network of excellence in linking education, research and development on agroforestry not only in Laos but also in the region. To realize this vision, the network promotes and supports a multidisciplinary approach in the teaching, conduct of research, and extension services on agroforestry for the well being of the nation and society.

Website address:

LaoNAFE Coordinator

Dr. Anoulom is currently serving as Lecturer cum trainer and In-charge of the Post Graduate Program of the Faculty of Forestry of NUoL. He obtained his PhD degree in Forest Ecology from Kyoto University, Japan. Among his current research involvements include an impact study of logging in Laos with the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO); non-timber forest products study under the Lao-German Promotion of Forestry Education Program; and resource tenure and rural development study with the International Development Research Centre (IDRC).

Before becoming LaoNAFE chair, Dr. Anoulom already served as LaoNAFE board member since 30 July 2009. He also served as one of LaoNAFE’s country team members for SEANAFE’s Enhancing Forest Policy Education Project.

Among his immediate plans as LaoNAFE chair include evaluating LaoNAFE activities towards improving its operations and relevance.

Contact Details:

Faculty of Forestry, National University of Laos
Dong Dok Campus, Lao PDR
Tel.: +856 21 720163
Fax: +856 21 770096
E-mail: [email protected]

LaoNAFEC Officers:

1.   Mr. Phonesavanh Honnabounlath  
Bolikhamxay of Agriculture and Forestry College
Bolikhamxay Province
Tel: 856-54-212803
Mobile phone: 856-20-2336341
Fax: 856-030 5235006
Email:  [email protected]

2.   Bounthene Phasiboriboun,
      Head, Department of Watershed Management and Land Use Planning,
Faculty of Forestry, National University of Laos
PO Box 7322
Vientiane Lao PDR
Tel: 856-21-720163, 770097
Fax: 856-21-770294, 770096
Mobile phone: 856 20 9801413
Email: [email protected]

3.   Somphan Phasouvang
Head of Student Activity Division,
Faculty of Agriculture National University of Laos
PO Box 7322,
Vientiane Lao PDR
Tel.: 856 021 870126,
Fax.: 856 021 870131,
Home: 020 2425389

4.   Mr. Khamphoui Phonexay,
Louangprabang  Agriculture and Forestry College
PO Box 250
Louangpraban Province
Tel: +856 03 5140285
Fax: +856 71 212773
Mobile: +856 5570920;
Home: +856 71 212 773

5.   Mr. Thongchanh Sengsoulivong
Champasack School of Agriculture
PO Box 333
Pakse,Champasack Province
Fax: 031212258
Tel +856 31 212 000
Mobile: 856 20 6678814
Email: [email protected]

6.   Mr. Bounxou,
Sepone Agroforestry Training Centre
Sepon District, Savannakhet Province
Tel: +856 2311330

Major Accomplishments:

  • Workshop on agroforestry teaching methods and the guide for student practice in October 2003
  • Training on agroforestry research methodology in January 2004
  • Editing of an agroforestry teaching manual for Lao
  • Development of agroforestry demonstration plots at six institutions
  • Translation of ICRAF Slide series on Acid soil in the humid tropics
  • Review and evaluation of  training materials and curricula on agroforestry in April 2006
  • Slide and CD documentation of agroforestry practices in the northern, central and southern regions of of Lao PDR
  • Conduct of a Resource Mobilization workshop for LaoNAFE in May 2006
  • Conduct of a Basis Training on Proposal Writing and Packaging for selected faculties of LaoNAFE member institutions
  • Establishment of LaoNAFE website
  • Support to student’s thesis research
  • Involvement in SEANAFE’s projects on Markets for Agroforestry Tree Products and Landscape Agroforestry

Major Activities  for 2008

  1. Annual LaoNAFE Committee meeting, May 2008
  2. Training Course on Research Methodology for LaoNAFE lecturers, May 2008
  3. Implementation of SEANAFE AFLA Project Phase 2, May-October 2008
  4. Publication of new Agroforestry teaching manual
  5. Maintenance of LaoNAFE website and agroforestry database, year-round

Major Activities  for 2007

  • LaoNAFEC Meeting in May 2007
  • Resource Mobilization Workshop for LaoNAFE in May 2007
  • Basic Training on Research Proposal Writing and Packaging for Selected Faculty of LaoNAFE member-institutions
  • Establishment and maintenance of LaoNAFE website
  • Development of LaoNAFE brochure
  • LaoNAFE General Assembly in November 2007

LaoNAFE Members


  1. Dongkhamxang School of Agriculture and Forestry
  2. Muang Mai School of Agriculture and Forestry
  3. National University of Laos, Faculty of Forestry
  4. National University of Laos, Faculty of Agriculture
  5. Xieng Ngeun School of Agriculture and Forestry
  6. Pakse School of Agriculture
  7. Pakse University
  8. Sepone Southern Agroforestry Training Centre
  9. Suphanuvong University