Vietnam Network for Agroforestry Education (VNAFE)

Brief description of VNAFE Network

The Vietnam Network for Agroforestry Education (VNAFE) was formed in 2001.  It is composed of nine academic, research and extension member institutions representing the north and central highlands, and the south and central lowlands of Vietnam, namely:

1.       Huu Lung School 1 for foresters

2.       Northern Mountainous Agriculture and Forestry Science Institute  (NOMAFSI)

3.       Thai Nguyen Agriculture and Forestry University

4.       Forestry University Vietnam.

5.       Hue Agriculture and Forestry University

6.       Forestry Vocational school in Gia Lai Province

7.       Tay Nguyen University.

8.       Lam Dong Province Extension Center

9.       Agriculture and Forestry University Ho Chi Minh City

10.    Da Lat University

11.    Sub-Forest Inventory and Planning Institute in Quy Nhon City

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To strategize its network operations, VNAFE has recently adopted the following vision statement:

“To become an interdisciplinary network that effectively links training and research and development activities on Agroforestry in Vietnam, established and maintains close cooperation with other networks, relevant governmental and non-governmental organizations within the region and worldwide, meets the demand of sustainable natural resource management, and contributes to poverty reduction and food security in the uplands”

The Country Coordinator
Board of Directors and Officers
Major Accomplishments
Major Activities for 2008

VNAFE expects to achieve this vision through the following objectives:

  1. Maintain and develop the network through an organizational mechanism that creates interdisciplinary linkages and interorganizational communication in agroforestry training and research and development
  2. Carry out interorganizational communication through agroforestry training programs at different levels of study
  3. Contribute to agroforestry development in the uplands, study possible payment schemes for environmental services toward poverty reduction, and help achieve food security
  4. Mobilize different resources for the development of an effective information exchange system in agroforestry
  5. Cooperate closely with both domestic and international networks and organizations relevant to agroforestry


VNAFE Country Coordinator

VNAFE’s current coordinator is Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bao Huy.  He is the Head of the Department of Forest Resource and Environment Management (FREM) of Tay Nguyen University.  Dr. Bao specializes in Forest Management Planning and Community Forest Management.



Contact Details:

Tay Nguyen University
No 567 Le Duan Street, Buonmathuot, Daklak, Vietnam
Tel/Fax: (**8450) 825553
Mobile: 098 308 4145
Email: [email protected]  or [email protected]
VNAFE Web site:

List of VNAFE Officials

Full name Position – Institution E.mail Tel
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mr. Bao Huy
Head of Department of Forest Resources and Environment Management. Tay Nguyen University [email protected]

[email protected]

050 825553
Mr. Đang Hai Phuong, MSc.
Lecturer. Forestry Faculty. Agriculture & Forestry University HCMC [email protected] 0983314274
Ms. Nguyen Thi Hong Mai, MSc.
Lecturer. Forestry Faculty. Hue Agriculture & Forestry University [email protected] 0914019394
Dr. Mr. Le Quoc Doanh
Director General,


[email protected] 0913234754
Mr. Đam Van Vinh, MSc.
Deputy Dean of Forestry Faculty, Thai Nguyen Agriculture & Forestry University [email protected] 0988302068
0280 851427
Mr. Pham Quang Vinh, MSc.
Deputy Dean of Silviculture Faculty,  Forestry University Vietnam [email protected] 0912294527
034 840043

Major Accomplishments of VNAFE

1.   Workbook on Agroforestry for Agriculture and Forestry Universities in Vietnam

2.   Curriculum framework on Agroforestry education at BSc and Master degrees.

Major Activities for 2008

  1. Annual VNAFE Committee Meeting, February 2008
  2. MAFTP Project output mainstreaming in agroforestry curriculum of Tay Nguyen University, March-April 2008
  3. Translation of Common Vietnamese Agroforestry Models documented in Vietnam into English, May-July 2008
  4. Implementation of SEANAFE AFLA Project Phase 2, May-October 2008
  5. Research on Forecasting CO2 Sequestration in Agroforestry Systems in Central Highlands of Vietnam, June-December 2008
  6. Review of agroforestry curriculum based on credit for all VNAFE institutions, August-December 2008


Some photos of current network activities

Hinh ban dieu hanh


NAFEC Meeting in 2006 in Tay Nguyen University


Visit to a mixed farm in Vung Tau District by SEANAFE board members during its13th Meeting in February 2007 in Vietnam

VNAFE Members

  1. Forestry University of Vietnam, Xuan Mai
  2. Forestry Vocational School No. 1, Lang Son Province
  3. Hue University of Agriculture and Forestry
  4. Lamdong Extension Center at Dalat City
  5. Nong Lam University
  6. Tay Nguyen University
  7. Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry
  8. Vietnam Agricultural Science Institute (VASI)
  9. West Highland Forestry Technical School in Pleiku
  10. Da lat University
  11. Sub-Forest Inventory and Planning Institute in Quy Nhon City