SEANAFE co-sponsors technical session in 2nd WCA

SEANAFE, together with the African Network for Agriculture, Forestry and Natural Resources Education (ANAFE), sponsored a technical session on “Integrating Disciplines through Agroforestry Education” on 25 August 2009 as part of the Second World Congress of Agroforestry held in Nairobi, Kenya.

Seven out of the 8 papers selected for the session were presented before a crowd of 45 participants. The papers were as follows:

1. Case study approach to curriculum and teaching materials development in agroforestry education in Southeast Asia by Jess Fernandez (SEANAFE)
2. Encouraging students’ competencies in agroforestry entrepreneurship by Richmund Palma (Philippines)
3. Enhancing integrated approaches in agricultural learning systems by Per Rudebjer and August Temu (ICRAF)
4. Implementing peri-urban agroforestry in South Africa: A case study of how upscaling agroforestry impacts on policy and curricula by Michael Underwood (South Africa)
5. The PIIP project innovation system approach for reinforcing agroforestry research at the University of Niamey in Niger by Aissetou Drame Yaye (ICRAF)
6. Opportunities and challenges of mainstreaming climate change into agriculture and natural resource education in Africa by James Kung’u (Kenya)
7. Introducing agroforestry higher education programs in Iran by Rahim Mirzaei Mola Ahmad (Iran)

The session discussions mainly revolved around the need for learning institutions to be innovative in their approaches to enhance the content and make agroforestry education more relevant to current global concerns and its stakeholders.