Country networks implement special projects for 2010

SEANAFE just approved and signed contracts with its country networks to implement their respective special projects for 2010. The special projects are part of SEANAFE’s budget for the no-cost extension period approved by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) in April 2008.

The special projects per country network are as follows:

Indonesian Network for Agroforestry Education (INAFE)

  • Publication of INAFE Traditional Agroforestry Papers;

Lao Network for Agroforestry Education (LaoNAFE)

  • Training Course on Agroforestry in Relation to Carbon Credits

Philippine Agroforestry Education and Research Network (PAFERN)

  • Study on the Climate Change Adaptation Strategies of Selected Agroforestry Farmers;

Vietnam Network for Agroforestry Education (VNAFE)

  • Training on Estimating CO2 Sequestration of Natural Forests

The Thai Network for Agroforestry Education (ThaiNAFE), meanwhile, has yet to submit their revised proposals for the implementation of their special project entitled “Sharing Lecturers and Student Exchange Program.  While the Malaysian Network for Agroforestry Education (MaNAFE) have not submitted their special project proposal.

These special projects are aimed to address the institutional development needs of the networks’ member-institutions and stakeholders. At the same time, they are aimed at integrating some of the current global environmental concerns (e.g., climate change, etc.) in agroforestry education.

The agroforestry teaching, research and extension initiatives of SEANAFE member-countries and the region in general are expected to improve from the outputs and experiences in implementing these special projects.